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System Design

System design includes careful analysis of all inputs, outputs and functional aspects of each piece of equipment in a system. It begins with the preparation of a detailed functional description of the system, as well as conceptual drawings to ensure that the detailed design meets our customer requirements and objectives. Additionally, system design typically includes:

  • Floor plans and elevations
  • Furniture layouts
  • Equipment placement
  • Image throw distance calculations
  • Human factors calculations and drawings
  • Power requirements and heat gain calculations
  • Architectural factors
  • Detailed signal flow drawings
  • Monitor and control documentation
  • Network design
  • Control system documentation

Our system design expertise includes broadcasting technology; conferencing, telepresence and collaboration facilities; conference room and display systems; educational technology and smart classrooms; and enterprise IT /media communications systems.
Virtual Set Network
Tuesday, Nov 11, 2014 11:40 WIB

Where the imagination meet design

Virtualsetworks designs custom virtual sets and digital backgrounds for you to key your talent over. With numerous clients including CBS Sports, EMC, Pulse Network, Mirage Quest, Proscenium Pictures, the Renaissance Network News and more

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Tricaster Mini - Tricaster Indonesia

From the office, an event, or from anywhere... with TriCaster Mini, anyone using everyday camcorders can create and publish great video content in minutes, stream it live, and make even the smallest presentation captivate audiences like network-style TV.

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