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We have become one of the leading companies serving the specialized needs across the entire spectrum of the video industry. Our clients include: terrestrial broadcasters, satellite broadcasters, cable television facilities, corporate video users, independent production and post production houses.


Interindo Multimedia is proud to offer a diverse spectrum of communication system consulting services, ranging from turnkey product management to uniquely-geared packages specific to your requirements. While the items outlined below are ordered chronologically, each service can be contracted on an independent or 'as-needed' basis.

02System Engineering

in some cases, clients have already completed the procedures they feel adequate to making informed purchase decisions and simply wish to have the selected components integrated and installed. with over 30 years of experience managing technical work for a diverse portfolio of systems, interindo multimedia happily provides the time-tested results your venue deserves.

03IT Consulting

Network design has become a significant element in the successful implementation of current media technologies. not only is it critical to insure that connectivity, bandwidth, and access are modeled and benchmarked properly but in addition, both internal and external security must be critically managed.

IT Convergences with


Convergence in Broadcast and Communications Media offers concise and accurate information for engineers and technicians tackling products and systems combining audio, video,data processing and communications. Without adequate fundamental knowledge of the core technologies, products could be flawed or even fail. Interindo Multimedia has solutions and professional guide, designed as a standard point of reference for engineers, whether you are from an audio, video, computer or communications background.

Core Services

  • 01Multimedia
  • 02MCR and Automation
  • 02Managed Services
  • 02MAM and NRCS
  • 05Headend
  • 05OTT
  • 05Broadcast Studio
  • 05Virtual Set & Augmented
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