Founded in 2000, Pebble has commissioned systems in more than 70 countries, with proven installations ranging from single up to over 150 channels in operation, and more than 1500 channels currently on air under the control of our automation technology. An innovative, agile company, Pebble is focused on discovering its customers’ requirements and pain points, designing solutions which will address these elegantly and efficiently, and delivering and supporting these professionally and in accordance with its users’ needs. In the highly specialised field of broadcast automation and playout, Pebble delivers a level of focus which many of the larger manufacturers in this field simply cannot match, and thanks to our strong reputation for exceptional customer service and delivering on our promises, we now have many hundreds of channels on air in scores of countries worldwide. The company is focused on providing automation and content management systems which enable customers to continue to exploit best of breed and legacy technologies, offering solutions for complex and simple channels through the same user interface. By working equally with all technology partners, and offering impartial advice to the end user, we enable customers to select most appropriate technology for each system, channel by channel.


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