Wohler Technologies

Welcome to Wohler Technologies! Back in 1983, we created the first in-rack audio monitoring product, and we haven’t stopped since. We develop and deliver high quality, long-lasting audio and video monitoring solutions. We have re-invented monitoring with our iSeries of products. Available with a variety of 1U and 2U front panels that come with touch capable controls, these units have several critical features for the modern facility, including the ability to monitor a wide range of both baseband and IP signals; including 12G SDI, 2110, 2022 MPEG, Ravenna, Dante, MADI, AES3 and Analog. Don’t forget Dolby processing, including Dolby Atmos and now MPEG-H to monitor immersive audio. Built-in network functionality and API’s provide remote control and remote monitoring. Through software and licensing upgrades, our iSeries products can be easily upgraded with additional signal inputs and valuable features so that you can buy what you need now and upgrade later. The secret to our success is continuous development from a strong engineering team that listens to our customers. We’re always working with the latest technologies for signal monitoring. It’s all part of our commitment to quality and innovation Discover our difference for yourself when you evaluate and use our products.


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